Goody/Collection Bag

This is an all purpose handy bag that can be used to carry two bottles of water, collecting sea shells from the beach, shark teeth from the river, or even to hold up to 16lbs of lead weights for your BC

Small BagIMG_5151

Nice handle for your hand or wrist and can easily be clipped to a D-ring. It is closed securely by a 1″ strip of velcro from end to end.

Only $19.99.
Materials and labor are ALL USA!


Weight Bag

This heavy duty weight bag is made of a strong vinyl coated material with reinforced webbing will carry up to 60lbs of lead and two bottles of water, and leaves room for two weight belts. All the stitching is reinforced and bound.  The handle utilizes velcro for easy transportation and a secure closing and opens easily and allows viewing of everything in bag

Made in USA


Large BagIMG_5155

Only $29.99.
Materials and labor are ALL USA!