Soft Lead Weight Bags

~ Made in USA with recycled lead shot
~ Resistant to UVs, mildew, sea water, and chlorine
~ Dura-Stretch Mesh material is tough 840 denier and resin coated
~ Shaped right for BCs and conforms to pockets
~ Clearly identified weight of each bag
~ Aesthetically appealing
~ Fast Drying mesh material
* Note specialty weights:
   Black 10 lb.
   2 lb. with the loop for clip attachment.



 Ankle Weight

Ankle weights come in 1lb, 2lb, and 3 lb sizes for you to fine tune your buoyancy. We searched extra hard to find buckles that have curves on both the make and female ends so that they wrap around your boots comfortably and have less drag.

ankle weight

Materials and labor are ALL USA!


Soft Weight Belts


Per request from several Scuba Stores, we have designed a new way of being comfortable underwater: soft weights built into a comfortable weight belt that is also very durable. We cannot skimp on materials, so our buckles are stainless steel and so are the webbing adjustments.

CZS belts are available in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 lb sizes. Of course we can also do custom sizes, too.


Trim Pockets…

These are useful pockets for adding lead weights to your weight belt, BCD, weight harness, or wherever you desire. The 2” velcro attachment is fast and easy. Each pocket can easily fit weights up to 6 lbs.


These can also be used as small utility pockets for holing small items or used as a collection pouch.

Sug. Ret. is $29.00


Weight Bag

Now you can easily carry all your weights in this sturdy weight bag


Large Bag




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