Diver Down Flags

dive flags

High quality workmanship combined with the highest quality of material, Comfort Zone Scuba introduces Sunbrella Dive Flags.

The toughest flag ever made.  It is constructed with Sunbrella ™ material, marine grade thread stitching, stainless steel grommets, and AL stiffener.

This flag holds up against fading and breakdown by the sun, strong winds, and mold/mildew. When laid flat, water beads up and rolls off to its lowest destination thus repelling contaminants.  No wind, no problem as all flags have stitched in stiffeners.  Tested throughout 2009 in formidable climate of SC and still looking great for 2010.

12″ x 15″  only $32.00  Code# FLAG sm

18″ x 24″  only $46.95  Code # FLAG lg


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