Comfort Zone Drysuit

The Comfort Zone Drysuit (CZD)  by Oceaner is a durable 3mm Yamamoto high grade neoprene made with double layers of titanium that provides inherent warmth.  No need for heavy thermal undergarments.  In water temperatures of 60 degrees and below, thin or layered undergarments may be desired.

In addition to being the warmest material for a drysuit, neoprene is also  the preferred material for drysuit diving as it allows the diver to be streamlined which creates less drag, increasing divers the bottom time.

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Soft Lead Weight Bags

~ Made in USA with recycled lead shot
~ Resistant to UVs, mildew, sea water, and chlorine
~ Dura-Stretch Mesh material is tough 840 denier and resin coated
~ Shaped right for BCs and conforms to pockets
~ Clearly identified weight of each bag
~ Aesthetically appealing
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Full Face Mask (FFM) Hood

The Comfort Zone Scuba Full Face Mask (FFM) Hood is unique for FFM because it has skin style coating on the outside where mask can be placed right on top of it and have a watertight seal.

It’s also great for regular conventional masks.  It is made with high quality 3 mm or 5mm Yamamoto double layered Titanium neoprene.

Designed as a drysuit hood, it has a long enough neck, that it can also be used with wetsuits.

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