Comfort Zone Drysuit Plus

The CZD Plus is designed the same as the CZD and has the same added value and instrument sleeve but is enhanced by the following description:

  • It is made with a new state of the art 3.5 mm “Millennium” weave finish which enhances the durability over the already tough CZD nylon finish.
  • It has an unsurpassed stretchiness and smooth feel to the touch reducing drag.
  • To maintain this stretch, we use extra-large super tough rubber knee pads that best be described as similar to a flexible soft rubbery feel. It stretches with the suit and gives the knees longer wear.

It has a zipper flap to protect the standard Master Seal Zipper by TiZip ™.  If you prefer, we can install a BDM Brass Zipper at no additional charge.  The CZD Plus is also built with a neck dam for your hood and comes with a bag.


  • It is built with SiTech valves.

In summary, it is a little bit warmer, has a little bit more stretch, a little bit more durability, and of course a little bit more of an investment.

Suggested retail price only $2695.00. *

Code # CZD 02 (Specific Size required w/ shoe size and neck measurement) No extra charge for this extra service!

Each “X” above XLarge sizes incurrs a 10% additonal material charge

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