Comfort Zone Drysuit

The Comfort Zone Drysuit (CZD)  by Oceaner is a durable 3mm Yamamoto high grade neoprene made with double layers of titanium that provides inherent warmth.  No need for heavy thermal undergarments.  In water temperatures of 60 degrees and below, thin or layered undergarments may be desired.

In addition to being the warmest material for a drysuit, neoprene is also  the preferred material for drysuit diving as it allows the diver to be streamlined which creates less drag, increasing divers the bottom time.

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About Us

Established 2009, Comfort Zone Scuba is owned and operated by diver, Mark Johnson and people who are actually divers.  Mark was certified in 1989, has worked for various manufactures, has an Instructor Certification and also operates a charter business. 

The manufacturers and associates who build Comfort Zone Scuba products are mostly divers who are dedicated to providing quality value at reasonable prices and proudly stand behind their work. New designs and changes are expected in the future and your ideas are always welcome.  Input from you divers is always welcome and you can be assured that if we do pick up the telephone when you call, we will return your call in a timely fashion. Thanks for checking us out.

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CZS Light Helmet System

Find your treasures with hands to spare.  Use the new CZS Light Helmet System.  There are two to choose from, depending on the amount of light you want and the amount of money you want to spend.  These are a great option for lighting up your search area while keeping your hands free to use your river pick and still have a hand to grab your treasures!

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