CZS Light Helmet System

Find your treasures with hands to spare.  Use the new CZS Light Helmet System.  There are two to choose from, depending on the amount of light you want and the amount of money you want to spend.  These are a great option for lighting up your search area while keeping your hands free to use your river pick and still have a hand to grab your treasures!

Standard CZS Light Helmet System (with 3 Land and Sea Lights)   Ready to go with 3 Land and Sea lights, this system puts out  3000 lumens and weighs under 4 lbs.

CZS Light Helmet on Steroids This system beefs up the middle light with the CZS Divemaster light.  The system now puts out 5800 lumens and weighs under 6 lbs.


Suggested Retail Pricing

$350 for CZS Light Helmet
$550 for CSZ Light Helmet on Steroids

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