This is our most popular product, The Comfort Zone Drysuit (CZD) by Oceaner, it is a durable 3mm Yamamoto high grade neoprene made with double layers of titanium that provides inherent warmth, however, undergarments may be needed in water temperatures of 60 degrees or below.

Neoprene is the preferred material for drysuit diving as it allows the diver to be streamlined which creates less drag; increasing the bottom time. Explore website for other premium drysuits made with different materials.

The CZD feels like a loose fitting wetsuit and enables the diver to have unmatched dexterity and unrestricted flexibility.

The inner seams are heat pressure taped and guaranteed not to leak.

Additionally, the TiZip™ requires little maintenance and allows the diver ease of donning and doffing. The seals are a unique 3mm neoprene StretchTex™ that are not only comfy but tough which means they will not tear or run as latex seals often do.

The CZD utlizies SiTech adjustable valves placing exhaust valve on the bicep allowing dumping air fast and increasing the ability to achieve neutral buoyancy. If one’s personal preference prefers exhaust valve be placed elsewhere, we happily offer that option.

The extra large Performance Plus knee pads are a super tough, flexible rubber that stretches with the suit and provides your knees with an extra layer of wear and tear. The tapered leg design reduces air flow to the feet making each dive safer. The CZD comes standard with an integrated instrument sleeve on the forearm enabling the diver to securely place a compass, dive computer, watch or wrist slate for information at a quick glance.

Custom sizes are available and you can also have your name screened on the suit for extra personalization

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